Specializing in Small & Tiny Toy Aussies
Champion Bred from Health Tested Parents


TOY AUSSIES range from 10" to 14" in height (although aussie sizes are properly referred to in height, not weight, a toy sized dog might weigh approx. 10~20 lb). This is quite a range, as there is a huge difference in size between a 10" and a 14" dog.  You will find that many/most toy aussie breeders have medium to larger toys.  My personal preference is to concentrate on the smaller of the TOY size variety; with my currents dogs all under 11", and several as little as 9" tall, and weights ranging from 6 lb to 12 lb.  I just really like the little ones, and find it rewarding to produce smaller dogs that still have the true aussie type. In the past I have raised a larger variety of sizes, but in my current breeding program, I am aiming to produce smaller toys perhaps 10-11", which are the smallest size toys that meets breed standards. However, it is possible to produce puppies that are slightly under sized for toys (UNDER 10") which are still great pets even though they are "TOO SMALL" to meet breed standard.  In the same way, it is also possible to produce larger toys from smaller parents.  SO I may have a little bit of a size range of toy puppies for sale.  I do not have pups available often, so be sure to let me know if you want to be considered for something coming up.

My dogs live with us as our beloved pets and are an important part of the family.  My puppies are raised underfoot. I am dedicated to a serious breeding program with more than 14 years experience, and am continuously improving my bloodline.  When my schedule allows, I attend dog shows, and most of my dogs have been championed. Several have received higher awards, including BEST IN SHOW and ELITE CHAMPION levels.  I do testing of all my adults: including general health checks, patella checks, eye cerfs, and genetic testing for mdr1, pra/prcd, hc/hsf4, cea, and dna profiling. 
My dogs are the result of many generations of breeding with my own bloodline that have been carefully selected for the best of quality, health, and temperament.  I strive to produce the best quality little dogs possible.  I look forward to helping you select the perfect little SUNDANCE toy aussie puppy for you & your family!


Toy Australian Shepherds

I am proud of and want to continue the documented heritage of my dogs from the
original purebred foundation stock Toy Australian Shepherds with pedigrees
tracing back to the dogs
first registered as Miniature Australian Shepherds  in the 1960s.

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